F:S, HerbAdrenal

F:S, HerbAdrenal
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Product Description

This new herbal formula, introduced in August of 2017, is a fusion of our previous Blend F and Blend S formulas.

High in nutrients, including whole complex vitamins B and C, calcium and magnesium from plants, HerbAdrenal F:S is soothing and restoring when stress levels are high and when recovering from illness.

Therapeutic Actions: This blend is a tonic and nutritive, and is a stimulant and mild aphrodisiac. It supports hormonal balancing in the male and female reproductive organs and promotes the stress coping mechanisms.

Each capsule contains: Saw Palmetto Berries, Sarsaparilla Root, Fo-Ti Root, Black Cohosh Root, White Peony Root, Damiana Leaves and Prickly Ash Bark.

70 capsules per bottle